Supporting the Energy Transition Era

As we enter into the energy transformation period , many energy providers are transitioning away from fossil fuels towards creating more sustainable energy options, and they need insight into existing spaces and obstacles before they break ground. With our Subsurface Utility eEngineering (SUE) services, expert guidance through right-of-way negotiations, and knowledge of industry regulations, we ensure there are no surprises along the way. Yet, during this energy transition era, traditional energy transmission must still be supported. In response to aging infrastructure, many energy providers are faced with the tough challenge of gathering the spatial data necessary to update and future-proof energy storage systems, bring systems up to current standards and prevent safety lapses that can result in widespread shortages. SAM’s one-of-a-kind PiG Rover helps you locate potential failure points in your current system in hours instead of days. Whether you’re updating an existing infrastructure or breaking new ground, our innovative Geomatic Technologies, such as Aerial LiDAR, enable developers to understand even the most difficult-to-reach locations.

More than Two Decades Supporting Energy

SAM has been supporting energy programs from the Permian Basin to the coasts since 1994. As existing infrastructure ages and the world transitions to more sustainable energy sources, we’ve continued to innovate with advanced technologies to gather more accurate spatial data as efficiently as possible to inform your business decisions. Our team includes industry leaders from some of the greatest energy-producing regions in the country with the experience to help you navigate local regulations and industry requirements ./p>


SAM understands that when you start with data you trust, you can move your project forward more efficiently. As the nation’s largest geospatial and inspection services firm, we have the specialized knowledge and scale to handle projects nationwide with unparalleled speed and responsiveness, while guiding you through local regulations and permitting. With myriad cutting-edge and customized technologies available to capture the most accurate and reliable spatial data, we lean on our deep expertise to tailor the optimal approach to meet the unique needs of your program.


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