As part of our commitment to our profession we maintain a GPS Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) for use by the community. A GPS CORS serves many purposes. Among these, it may be an additional control point in a survey network, serve as a Kinematic Base Station, or be part of a Virtual Reference Station network. The data available through the CORS site include: RINEX data, station log, vicinity map, photos and links to the NGS position and velocity data and datasheet.

The data from this site is logged at a one-second interval and is provided to the public free of charge. If you need more information about this service, please contact Adam Long at or phone 800-656-9525.

Links to National Geodetic Survey CORS Data

    NGS CORS Main Page

    NGS Site Info for SAM Station

SAM CORS Site Management

To report problems with this site or to obtain more information about the SAM CORS, please contact Adam Long at or phone 800-656-9525.