Construction Surveying

Full service means more than offering different services – it means flexibility – being able to find the right solution for each unique project.

As the foundation of SAM’s success, we are dedicated to continuing a legacy of quality, client-based solutions for all construction project scopes and sizes nationwide. In order to do so, SAM is committed to maintaining expansive staffing, numerous data-collection vehicle options, and high-tech resources to meet deliverable requirements. We offer services that translate to all degrees of project scale and schedule needs in any environment.

In the ever-changing built environment, SAM understands the critical need for efficiency, seamless integration and commitment to quality. Our suite of construction services provides clients with mobilization of assets to quickly meet your needs, quality control, and seamless integration through software, processes, and crew augmentation.

Collaborating across disciplines and industries, SAM helps guide and verify construction projects to allow you to make informed decisions. Our cross-market experience provides you an expert in local, regional and national infrastructure projects.


  • Construction Staking
  • Control Surveys
  • As-built Surveys
  • ALTA Surveys
  • Quantity and Volume Estimates
  • 3D Surface Modeling
  • Machine Controlled Support
  • Pre-Bid Verifications
  • Corner Monument Perpetuation


  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Government, Education and Healthcare
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Land Development and Master Planned Communities
  • Retail and Mixed Used Development
  • Electric Energy


  • Bridge Layout
  • Building Construction
  • Commercial/Residential Layout
  • Heavy Highway
  • Slope Stakes
  • Transmission Structures
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Utility Lines

Accurate construction staking is a critical step in ensuring project success and avoiding costly errors. Our Professional Land Surveyors are qualified to provide the level of accuracy and detail necessary to meet client needs for a variety of projects including streets and highways, utilities, vertical builds, transmission lines, and pipelines. SAM’s knowledgeable surveyors are your best tools to avoid construction problems. Our construction staking services include:

Topographic/As-Built Surveys serve as the base map for new design of infrastructure, buildings, roadways, or electrical lines. SAM provides accurate and reliable information to show elevations and grading features for engineers and contractors. There is no substitution for a good field sketch, but the vast majority of field data is collected digitally in field computers. These devices allow communication with office technicians via email, provide the ability to overly files and compute/compare coordinate values in the field, and significantly reduce errors due to human transposition.

Machine Controlled Modeling is a grade control system that utilizes cutting-edge earthmoving systems that put design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab of heavy construction equipment. The system has the ability to accurately position the blade or bucket in real time significantly reducing material overages and dramatically improving productivity and profitability for the general contractor.

Machine Controlled Modeling gives your projects the competitive edge through cost effectiveness in reducing in labor, user error, fuel and maintenance.