Building Information Modeling

SAM experts are pioneers in 3D imaging and leading authorities in 3D innovation for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Visualization, design, maintenance, construction… for virtually any 3D geospatial imagining objective, SAM is a go-to resource for public- and private-sector clients. With staff who were some of the earliest competitors in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) field, SAM has become, for many in the industry, a standard against which all 3D imaging and practitioners are measured.

SAM, LLC has extensive experience in terrestrial HDS scanning for clients in multiple markets. We have recently expanded our capabilities and geographic range for these services through the acquisition of Haag 3D Solutions, now part of SAM, LLC. Through our combined industry experience, SAM now has the capacity to provide laser scanning and 3D imaging services to a broader range of industries and professionals. Our team is one of the leaders in the laser scanning and 3D imaging profession, with over 30 years of survey and laser scanning experience on projects of all sizes and complexities. To date we have scanned over 75 million square feet of interior and exterior surfaces. The SAM team works to continually improve and expand laser technology and 3D imaging applications.

3D Laser Scanning

Accomplish the task with less disruption to the job site; rely on the results with utter confidence. Tools and solutions vary according to the client’s needs, but SAM's commitment to accuracy and reliability never changes. We use both time-of-flight scanners and phase-based scanners — and any other tool the assignment requires — to eliminate the need for multiple site visits.

Exceptionally experienced and innovative, the SAM team constantly discovers new ways to increase efficiency while providing practical solutions to complex problems. The industry looks to SAM for leadership. Staff members serve on advisory boards and committees for a variety of 3D documentation organizations and conferences internationally and are frequent moderators and presenters at local, national, and international conferences and trade shows.

Independent Data Processing / Validation

Know that you know you can trust your data. The 3D data collection field is expanding fast, but the quality of the data processing doesn’t always keep pace. SAM takes doubt out of the equation. In other cases, contracts or a QC process require independent validation of 3D data collected by any source. SAM can process data collected by other parties, either using the data to create the deliverables or simply to provide an independent check and evaluation of the data. Having collaborated with numerous companies and proved ourselves on complex, challenging projects, we often are asked by clients to review data collected by other parties to validate compliance.

Building Information Modeling / Virtual Design Construction

BIM modelBuilding Information Modeling is an endlessly useful way to economically oversee a building through its entire life cycle, from initial design to eventual demolition. SAM brings endless flexibility to the BIM process itself. What’s your preferred software platform? We’ll gladly work with that. SAM also works with clients to determine the file format, level of detail, and scope of work that are appropriate to the project, its budget and schedule.

Our past collaborators represent the full diversity of AEC industry professionals — architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators, software and hardware manufacturers and others. The uses to which they put our services are equally diverse: Virtual Construction and Coordination (VCC), support of project estimates, 3D site logistics analysis, project schedule animation, visualization of specific construction work, and clash detection of MEP systems. Analyses such as these allow SAM to provide input much sooner than conventional methods. Conflicts are identified and resolved sooner, saving the owner time and money.

BIM modelVirtual design construction (VDC), often referred to as building information modeling (BIM), is the process of creating a three dimensional computer generated model of a building. The models are logically integrated allowing all parties access to shared data, and if a user highlights or changes an aspect of one, the integrated models can highlight or change the dependent aspects of related models. The models are multi-disciplinary, including: Architects, Engineers, Contractors (AEC), Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing(MEP) trades and relevant sub disciplines.

More and more companies utilizing VDC and BIM are consistently finding improved business performance. Virtual design construction is the method to ensure a leaner, more streamlined, efficient design process for a construction/renovation project.

Through the use of VDC, we turn 2D architectural design drawings into 3D models to coordinate trades and satisfy MEP requirements. VDC is coordinate and elevation driven ensuring precise pre-fabrication and reducing the need to re-fabricate at construction time. Our entire world revolves around existing conditions – we make sure it all fits. One of the greatest benefits of VDC is trade clash detection - conflict slows the construction process. Clash detection is resolved months and often years in advance. VDC is the platform for compressed schedules, reduced costs and better results.

3D Modeling

3D modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional surface of an object by using specialized software. There is a wide range of the level of development and level of detail on a 3D model. Models can range from basic shapes with little or no detail to complex shapes with highly detailed information. 3D models are useful tools on projects from the concept and design phase, through the construction phase, to a detailed as-built model.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS usage has grown in the public and private sectors in the last 10 years and with inclusions of 3D and LiDAR data, its usage will only increase. Accurate and reliable asset management information that is readily available to key users is crucial for the success of an organization. SAM has the expertise, staff, and resources to meet any client’s needs from field collection and processing to data management and analysis.

Visualization / Animations

See precisely what happened — or what will. It takes very special skills to depict complicated visual information for a broad audience; information must be made easy to interpret without being oversimplified. Clients count on SAM to depict and explain past and future occurrences through accurate, compelling visualizations and animations. They use our visual depiction in settings such as courtrooms, town halls, project meetings, and conferences as well as in ads and collateral materials, websites and trade shows. Our approach varies with the needs of the project and the preferences of the client, using combinations of measurement technologies, 3D laser scanning, photogrammetry, computer models, and photographic documentation.


In the AEC industries, there’s really no such thing as a “simple” project. Even the most basic project is rife with opportunities for miscommunication, inefficient use of technology and other resources, and, in the design itself, time- and money-wasting clashes. Nationwide and internationally, design and construction teams rely on SAM as the authority on appropriate use of technology regarding as-built validation and verification. From greenfield construction, to maintenance, to rehabilitation, to renovation, SAM consulting services provide seasoned, clear guidance on the steps to providing accurate 3D models — today’s most essential tools to coordinate various construction trades through a clash-free design and installation.

Continuing Education

At SAM, advancing the entire AEC industry through the education of current and upcoming professionals is a vital part of our mission. SAM staff members have been approved by multiple state professional boards for continuing education. As leading experts in their various fields and as gifted communicators, they assist fellow professionals in obtaining continuing education units through educational seminars, webinars, workshops, and as guest presenters at conferences. Each educational session is customized to your individual experience and needs.

Past educational topics have included the uses and applications of 3D laser scanning, as-built modeling and BIM, visualization and animations, and forensic documentation. Audiences have included owners, construction managers, general contractors, architects, engineers, surveyors, facilities management professionals, sureties, lenders, attorneys, and their associated organizations.

To find out more about how SAM can help you with your 3D needs, please see our Examples of 3D Solutions we can provide, or read more about our FAQs for 3D Laser Scanning.