Field Surveying Technology

Delivering the best solution requires using the best tools.

SAM utilizes the latest in state-of-the-art surveying equipment from among several market leading manufacturers of this technology. Chief among these is our reliance on a combination of the latest top-of-the-line solutions from leading technology suppliers. SAM has invested extensively in field survey systems and has affirmed the company's commitment to deploying the best technology for clients’ benefit.

These investments include Robotic and/or Scanning Total Stations and GPS Receivers deployed across the firm’s entire staff for field operations, providing crews with the latest technological advancements the industry. Efficiency advances for field crew data collection using these systems include:

  • Easier data capture. Reflectorless range for robotic operation up to 18,000', so hard-to-reach and unsafe targets are easier to capture.
  • Increased efficiency. MagDrive servo motors increase efficiency by turning angles faster than previous technologies.
  • Integrated surveying. Combined GNSS and Optical techniques allow crews to perform integrated surveying in the field.

SAM is leader in tablet-based data acquisition technology with the deployment of Motion Computing or Panasonic tablets to its entire staff of field crews. We are the first company in the world to implement tablet technology on such a large scale.

Every SAM field crew can use this advanced technology across the full range of surveying projects. The tablets bring practical improvements to every type of fieldwork that the firm conducts, with benefits of increased speed and productivity in data collection and data management enhancements.

The tablet hardware is fully network communication-equipped for cellular 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wired connections, to both Internet and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. Data exchange between field and office operations can be conducted in real-time and includes the ability for office staff to operate the tablet as a remote desktop. This feature greatly increases the efficiency of office support for field operators.

Several useful third-party and proprietary internal applications are deployed as part of software tools on tablets, including Google Earth for direct field access to satellite imaging for better project planning and support. Other useful tablet features include the integration of a digital camera for both still and video images. Field personnel are able to document project details with geo-referenced images as part of the data set.

Mobile Device Apps
SAM has developed its own proprietary mobile apps to support various client project information management needs. These apps are available for iOS and Android devices through their respective app stores. They enable SAM clients using mobile devices to access mobile forms and submit data pertinent to their projects. Built using an industry leading proprietary platform, they offer a cloud-based, paperless approach to field data collection, allowing our clients to utilize a workflow that maximizes speed, efficiency, accessibility of their project forms. SAM can customize mobile forms to meet our clients' unique project needs and all submitted data is stored in our own cloud with secure client access. With SAM mobile apps your project field data can easily be submitted and accessed using mobile devices you're already familiar with.

With the rapid progression of technology in our industry, the tools for traditional surveying and asset management/GIS data collection continue to evolve and merge. SAM is committed to remaining a leader in the utilization of these technologies to the greatest advantage for our clients.


“Our firm is growing, and at a rapid pace. We’re staffing up significantly to meet our clients’ needs, and with the additional staff come additional equipment requirements. The Trimble system offered technological advances in efficiency that we couldn’t pass up.”

Mike Hatcher, RPLS, Sr. Vice President